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Our world is constantly changing. Whether it's business, law, regulation, culture or innovation, if you stand still, you're left behind. Here you will find the latest updates about the intellectual property industry, along with news about Franks & Co.


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02/10/2012 - Republic of Ireland is Party to London Agreement

The Republic of Ireland fully acceded to the London Agreement on September

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12/09/2012 - IP Translator: What Goods and Services are Covered?

The IP TRANSLATOR decision from the CJEU has been eagerly awaited.

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08/08/2012 - Kodak Sells Off Excess Patents

The once mighty Kodak Corporation has seen its revenue and profits plummet

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30/07/2012 - European Patent Procedures Explained

Franks & Co. have put together a brief guide to the procedures of European

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18/07/2012 - Franks & Co Attorney Achieves EPA

Franks & Co. has a newly qualified European Patent Attorney.

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17/07/2012 - Franks Co Support Rockers Verax on Mount Kilimanjaro

Franks & Co are supporting Spalding rock band Verax in their efforts for

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03/07/2012 - EU Patent Law Postponed

News update from the European Parliament regarding the EU patent, click

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