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Services offered by Franks & Co. Limited

Franks & Co. is a traditional patent and trade mark attorney firm, offering a full range of intellectual property services.

Our attorneys are selected because of their knowledge of their subject, their experience of industrial and intellectual property matters and their passion for providing the best possible service.

Our attorneys are supported by a team of trained and committed support and formalities staff who receive ongoing vocational training.

Everybody in the company undertakes continuing professional development to ensure that we are all providing the best advice and services to our customers and we are up to date with the ever changing landscape of international intellectual property law.

We can advise you on obtaining patents in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world. We can also advise you on trade marks, brand protection, registered designs and we will also advise you on how your intellectual property rights can be put to your commercial advantage.

Once the rights have been established, we also offer a full in-house renewals facility to ensure that your rights are protected for as long as possible, or for as long as you need them.

Sometimes disputes arise from the use of intellectual and industrial property. In such circumstances, we are able to advise you on court proceedings, settlements and how best to protect your brand and ideas.


Patents are the rights awarded to inventors by national states in which a

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Trade Marks

In general terms, a trade mark is any sign capable of distinguishing the

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Designs protect the shape and appearance of a range of products ranging

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Utility Models

A utility model is similar to a patent, but differs in respect of having a

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Since the early 1990's UK patent and trade mark attorneys have taken

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IP Clinics

Come and meet us at one of our regular IP library clinics, where one of

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For over 10 years, large corporations, small and medium sized enterprises,

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Portfolio Management

Franks & Co offer flexible, tailored, intellectual property right

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Case Studies

Franks & Co. have worked with very many customers from sole traders and

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Copyright can subsist in various descriptions of work including original

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