There has been much press comment about the case of Apple v Samsung concerning the alleged similarities between the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy phone.

Apple v Samsung  Registered Designs

Apple alleges that Samsung’s Galaxy product copies the shape of their successful iPhone series phones and infringes their registered designs. 

In patent and design law, there is nothing outstanding about the legal issues.  It is simply the amount of money at stake which makes this a high profile case. 

In the UK, the question of infringement of Apple’s registered design has been brought before the UK High Court, which has resulted in Apple losing the case, and having to place an advert confirming that there is no registered Community design infringement.  According to the UK High Court, Samsung’s Galaxy phone does not infringe Apple’s registered Community design to the appearance of their iPhone. 

So now you know!

 To read the full judgement, please click the download below:

Article Published November 7th, 2012