In recognition of registering the certification mark MADE IN SHEFFIELD for Made in Sheffield Ltd, Franks & Co has been awarded supporter status of that organisation.

Supporter of Made in Sheffield logo

The designation MADE IN SHEFFIELD is known throughout the world for high quality manufactured goods which are made in Sheffield. The Made in Sheffield organisation has the aims and objectives of promoting manufacturers within the Sheffield region.

Historically, the MADE IN SHEFFIELD mark has a reputation in particular for cutlery, and nowadays the mark is used for any goods made within the Sheffield (S) postcode in sectors as diverse as advanced manufacturing, materials technology, creative and digital industries, food, bio medical, and health care technology. For further details visit the Made in Sheffield website

A certification mark is a marks which indicates that the goods or services in connection with which it is used are certified by the proprietor of the mark in respect of a particular characteristic such as origin, material, mode of manufacture of goods or performance of services, quality, accuracy or other characteristics.

In the case of the MADE IN SHEFFIELD mark, the mark certifies that the goods are made within the area of Sheffield, as exemplified by the S postcode.

Article Published March 6th, 2017