The second EU annual European Small to Medium Enterprise week will take place from May 25, 2010 to June 01, 2010.

Franks & Co IP Clinic and European SME Week 2010

The campaign was set-up by the European Commission (EC) in order to promote entrepreneurs across Europe.

This year, in order to offer their support, Franks & Co will be holding a free intellectual property clinic on May 26, 2010 which will provide budding entrepreneurs and SME’s the opportunity to discuss any intellectual property matters that have arisen or are likely to arise from the creation of their small to medium or micro-enterprise.

The Intellectual Property Clinic will take place at the Workstation in Sheffield and meetings will take place with Franks & Co’s experienced technical staff.

A wide ranging number of other activities will be held during the week to provide SME’s with valuable information support and advice.

Last year over 1200 national, regional and local events took place.

Small to medium enterprises drive economy in Europe and especially in the UK, and it is the remit of the European Commission to promote entrepreneurs which will in turn enhance Europe’s welfare, jobs, innovation and competitiveness.

For more information please contact Laura Green on 0114 249 9888 or email

We look forward to meeting with you.

Article Published May 10th, 2010