Green Inventions To Get Inside Track At UK Patent Office

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Covid-19 Update

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David Lammy, Minister for Intellectual Property, has launched an initiative which will enable inventions with an environmental benefit to be given priority within the patent system.

The proposal, which forms part of the Government’s broader approach on measures to tackle climate change, reflects the importance of maximising support for inventions which could have a significant impact on combating climate change.

The ‘green’ patents initiative was one of the key deliverables announced at the UK/China Economic and Financial Dialogue on 11 May, with China already agreeing to adopt the proposal.

The Intellectual Property Office is working with other major trading partners to get them to sign-up to the green patents fast-track system.

This initiative will take immediate effect from 12 May, as no legislative changes are required.


  • The Intellectual Property Office is within the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) and is responsible for the national framework of Intellectual Property rights, comprising patents, designs, trade marks and copyright.
  • Intellectual Property plays a central role in translating innovation and creativity into economic growth and social benefit.
  • Accelerated search and/or examination of the patent application will be made available to any patent applicant who makes a reasonable assertion that the invention in the patent application is one which has some environmental benefit. The application will be fully searched and examined by a technically-qualified patent examiner.

Date of release: 12 May 2009. Source UKIPO

Article Published May 12, 2009