Thanks to the generosity of many of the staff of Franks & Co Limited, a cheque for 70.00 has just been sent to support a charity event taking place on July 02, 2014, on the Greek island of Kos.

Improving Lives Nine at a Time

The event is dedicated to improving the awful lives of the indigenous stray and feral cats. With the full approval and support of Greek Animal Rescue, a registered British charity, the funds will be used for direct veterinary treatment of the animals’ acute diseases and on neutering as a means of limiting numbers.

The matter was raised in Franks & Co Limited by Vanda Pichova, one of our  European Patent Attorneys, an ardent cat-lover and regular visitor to Kos who, appalled at the conditions in which the animals live and the extraordinarily low quality of their lives, decided to do something about it. She would like to extend her heartfelt thanks to all who took the time and trouble to contribute. Vanda will be at the event and taking photographs.

Article Published June 27th, 2014