With effect from January 02, 2018, Indonesia ascends to become the 100th member of the Madrid System.

Indonesia Announced as 100th Member of the Madrid System

The Madrid System provides a system for the international registration of trade marks in a single filing procedure. In one trade mark application, in a single language, it is possible for a trade mark applicant to obtain registration of their trade mark in up to 100 Madrid Union member states. An international trade mark registration designating multiple member states is often more cost-effective and time efficient than multiple individual national trade mark applications.

The Madrid application must be based on an existing national application or registration in one of the contracting states or regions e.g. UK or the European Union. Once registered, each designated state registration follows the opposition procedure of that state or region in the same way as a national or regional trade mark application.

Once registered, the Madrid international trade mark registration is the equivalent of a national or regional trade mark registration in respect of each of the states or regions designated in the application. Essentially, the international filing becomes a collection of national trade mark rights.

The addition of Indonesia to the Madrid Union means it is now possible to obtain and international trade mark registration for one or all of the 100 Madrid Union member states.

For further information on international trade mark registrations and the participating member states please contact Abigail Welford, abigail.welford@franksco.com.

Article Published January 2nd, 2018