The Intellectual Property Office of Ireland have announced that from Friday 13th March 2020 until Sunday 19th April 2020 the office will remain closed for the transaction business with the public.

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This is in accordance with Rules 77 and 78 of the Patent Rules 1992 and was announced by the controller. These days are now to be deemed “excluded days” for all purposes under the Acts and Rules.

Rule 78 explains that whenever the last day fixed by the Act or by these Rules, for doing any act or thing at the Office falls on any of these above mentioned days where the Office is closed to the public, it shall be lawful to do the act or thing on the first day which is not an excluded day following such excluded days.

The IPO of Ireland will continue to maintain all of its online and e-services including e-filing of applications, fee payments and enquiries via telephone and email during normal opening hours.

Article Published March 27th, 2020