Franks & Co. congratulates Ecotek UK Ltd on its success at the Sheffield Business Awards, on Thursday 04th December 2008.

Sheffield Business Awards 2008 - Ecotek UK Limited

The Sheffield company won the Business Link Award, in recognition of their successful and outward looking new business, which has established its position within the marketplace through a mixture of sound business techniques, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurialism in a year which has seen product sales increase from zero to 380,000 units.

Ecotek UK Ltd is the company behind the ‘Standby Saver’ electricty saving device, of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den fame. Franks & Co. are proud to assist Ecotek in maintaining its creative and innovative edge, by managing the company’s Intellectual Property portfolio and requirements.

"When you have been through such a demanding period of product and sebsequent sales development, to have that achievement recognised externally in this way is just fantastic!" - Ecotek M.D. Tim Lindley.

The Sheffield Business Awards were hosted by Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Nigel Tomlinson and the Editor of The Star, Alan Powell. Mr Powell told The Star:

"There is little doubt that everyone here tonight recognises the tough economic times we are now in. But that should not stop us honouring the individuals and organisations who contribute to ensuring the city punches its weight and more."

This is the second award that Ecotek have collected in  four weeks.

Article Published December 4th, 2008