The Patent Box tax relief initiative will come into effect in the UK from April 01, 2013, and is relevant to businesses of any size, which commercialise technical innovations in the form of products or processes.

Thinking Outside the Patent Box - Patents and the Patent Box Tax Relief Initiative

Companies with qualifying profits from patents will be taxed on those profits at only 10% rather than 20% or higher.

Franks & Co Patent Attorneys and Hart Shaw Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers teamed up to deliver a seminar aimed specifically at companies who need to learn more about maximising the value of their patent-based intellectual property.

Stéphane Ambrosini, European Attorney at Franks & Co European Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys, explained the regime from a legal perspective.

  • Qualifying criteria for patents and other forms of IP
  • Qualifying criteria for product and processes
  • Qualifying criteria for companies
  • Differences between granted and pending patents under the regime
  • Patent practice changes for maximising the relief
  • International dimension for including export revenues
  • Lessons learnt from the Irish patent royalty tax exemption scheme

Steve Vickers, Tax Partner at Hart Shaw Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers highlighted the important issues that shareholders of SME companies need to know in order to take advantage of this new initiative.

  • Planning opportunities in order to benefit from this relief
  • Complexities of the Patent Box
  • The major pitfalls to avoid
  • Correct corporate structures to maximise benefits
  • Calculating the tax saving

 This seminar was delivered at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the AMP in Rotherham on Thursday October 18, 2012.

The speakers can be contacted directly via:

Stéphane Ambrosini, T: 0114 249 9888, Email:

Steve Vickers, T: 0114 251 8850, Email:

Article Published October 23rd, 2012