The UK Government are reducing the renewal fees payable for registered designs from October 01, 2016.

design Blue prints
design Blue prints

Renewal fees for UK Registered designs are payable on the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th anniversaries of filing.

The new reduced fees will, from October 01, 2016, be as follows:

Renewal period      Current Fee      New Fee
1st Renewal            £130                  £70
2nd Renewal           £210                  £90
3rd Renewal            £310                  £110
4th Renewal            £450                  £140

The above changes range from a 46% - 69% reduction in the previous renewal fee payable. These reductions make registered design protection more attractive and affordable.

Designs eligible for protection are those that are new and have an individual character (i.e. eye-catching).

If you are interested in registering the design of your product please contact one of our Attorneys.

Article Published September 1st, 2016