Franks & Co Environmental Sustainability Policy

Electric car on charge

As a firm, we aim to be sustainable in all aspects of our business, with a particular emphasis on environmental sustainability. Set out below is our environmental sustainability policy outlining the ways in which we will achieve this aim. This policy is reviewed periodically.

General notes
We will aim to:

  • Ensure all staff are fully aware of the Environmental Sustainability Policy and are committed to implementing an improving it,
  • Ensure all staff take account of sustainability issues in their advice to clients,
  • Make clients aware of our Environmental Sustainability Policy by including it in all proposals to clients,
  • Partner with firms with similar goals and values,
  • Comply with and exceed when possible all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice, and
  • Integrate environmental sustainability into all business decisions and promote sustainable growth.

Environmental sustainability
We will minimise the negative environmental impacts of all office activities and transport by aiming to:

  • Improve resource efficiency and promote a “circular economy” – a system in which no materials or resources are wasted,
  • Minimise the use of office consumables such as paper and aim for a paperless system,
  • Create files as paperless by default for any new client matters,
  • Reuse and recycle office waste where possible,
  • Use electricity from renewable sources and minimise the use of fossil fuels for heating our offices,
  • Improve the energy efficiency of our office buildings and use energy efficient office equipment,
  • As default, conduct meetings virtually rather than creating a need to travel to meetings, if the meeting must be in person, then where possible we will time meetings efficiently to avoid multiple trips,
  • Walk, cycle and/or use low or zero greenhouse gas emission vehicles for business except where impractical,
  • Include the full environmental cost of transport in financial decisions on whether and how to travel for business,
  • Take direct flights and offset the carbon emissions of the flight, where the only practical option is to fly,
  • Support efforts to reduce the need for staff to travel, including flexible home working, and
  • Provide electric vehicle charging points at our offices.