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Through our network of trusted partners, Franks & Co. are able to protect brands, ideas and innovation across the globe.

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Franks & Co. has a network of trusted partners and associates in every corner of the world, so that we know who to contact to protect your intellectual property, whether it is in India, China, Brazil, Indonesia or Australia or anywhere else for that matter.


Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys from other parts of the world

If you are looking for a safe pair of hands to deliver excellent value and top quality work in the UK, Ireland or anywhere else in the European Union, then we can offer a professional service and a knowledgeable, reliable team of technical experts.

With our team of British, Irish and European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, we can provide all the services your firm or clients may need.


Please view our specific country based pages below.


Franks & Co est un cabinet de Conseils Européens en Propriété Industrielle, qui met une expérience étendue en matière de brevets, marques et modèles Britanniques et Europeéns au service de nos clients et associés étrangers.

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ヨーロッパの特許および商標を扱うフランクス(Franks & Co)弁理士事務所は

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弗兰克斯事务所(Franks & Co)是欧洲的一家前瞻性专利和商标代理机构。我们

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United States

Franks & Co is a firm of European Patent Attorneys, which provides extensive experience in British and European patent, trademarks and designs for our clients and foreign associates.

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„Франкс анд ко“ – это известная британская юр

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Franks & Co es una avanzada firma de Agentes de Patentes y Marcas Europeas. Tenemos una larga experiencia en manejar las aplicaciones de las patentes y marcas por toda Europa para nuestros clientes estranjeros.

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프랭크스 앤 코(Franks & Co)는 유럽 특허와 상표를 전문으로 취급하는 특허법률회사&#

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