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03/10/2012 - UK Patents Benefit from Improved Prior Art Consideration

Patents are granted for inventions which are new and involve an inventive

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02/10/2012 - Merging UK Trade Mark Registrations

The rules under which UK trade mark registrations may be merged are

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02/10/2012 - Republic of Ireland is Party to London Agreement

The Republic of Ireland fully acceded to the London Agreement on September

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12/09/2012 - IP Translator: What Goods and Services are Covered?

The IP TRANSLATOR decision from the CJEU has been eagerly awaited.

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08/08/2012 - Kodak Sells Off Excess Patents

The once mighty Kodak Corporation has seen its revenue and profits plummet

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30/07/2012 - European Patent Procedures Explained

Franks & Co. have put together a brief guide to the procedures of European

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18/07/2012 - Franks & Co Attorney Achieves EPA

Franks & Co. has a newly qualified European Patent Attorney.

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17/07/2012 - Franks Co Support Rockers Verax on Mount Kilimanjaro

Franks & Co are supporting Spalding rock band Verax in their efforts for

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