Contentious intellectual property proceedings include any matters where there is a dispute or potential dispute involving intellectual property.

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Traditionally, in the UK, patent and trade mark agents (now called patent and trade mark attorneys) have always dealt with contentious proceedings for all types of intellectual property at the informal level, that is before formal UK Court procedures have commenced.

These matters include those where a party wishes to enforce its intellectual property rights against a third party, or conversely, where a party is subject to enforcement of another party's intellectual property rights or where there is a dispute over the ownership of rights.

Our group has more than 50 years cumulative routine experience of dealing with contentious IP matters. Our day-to-day work includes:

Draw to attention (assertion of rights) letters. Patent, trade mark, design and copyright ownership disputes. Patent, trade mark and design revocations, oppositions and annulments. Conducting domain name disputes at ICAAN.

Our team's day-to-day work includes representing clients for contentious matters in the following venues:

-UK Patent Office

-UK Trade Marks Office

-UK Designs Registry

-European Union Intellectual Property Office

-European Patent Office

-World Intellectual Property Organization.

Experts in Contentious IP Proceedings