Sheffield is a great place to live and work. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside the UK has to offer in the Peak District, and is perfect for lovers of nature and the outdoors.


Sheffield's reputation for quality is truly global. Sheffield steel has long been known to be world-beating and to this day, some of the most sophisticated steel production manufacturing still goes on within the city limits.

With the glorious Peak District on its doorstep, Sheffield is a playground for the lovers of the great outdoors with unparalleled opportunities for climbing, walking, mountain-biking, not to mention paragliding and caving for the truly adventurous.

Sheffield is well situated with good road and rail connections. London for example, is two and a half hours away by train, and both Leeds and Manchester are less than an hour away by both car and rail.

Home to two well-known Universities producing an abundance of new innovations coupled with an advanced manufacturing park Sheffield is set to not only continue advancing steel production methods but to expand to other advanced industries including medical engineering and biotechnology.