Like them or loathe them, copycat brands are a fact of modern day retailing. Its war out there in food and retailing. No established brand owner is safe from copycat brands eroding the pricing power or market share of their established brand.

Similar jackets of different colours on a rail

Even well known international multi billion pound brands are under continual attack from copycat look alike brands.

But where does the line lie between honest competition and blatant plagiarism and disregard for the goodwill and rights of an established brand owner?

If you are the owner of an established brand our retail team can help you build up the defence wall around your brand and advise on plugging any gaps and weaknesses in your present brand protection.

If you are a challenger brand hoping to gain market share from an established brand, we can advise you where the limits of the established brand owner’s rights lie, and identify the “safe space” which your challenger brand could occupy.

Or if you are a trader wishing to reinvigorate sales of existing product lines by rebranding using a look alike brand, we can advise you on how to stay just outside of punching distance of the legitimate rights of an established brand owner.

For further discussion see our white paper in the download section below.

For further advice on how to protect your brand, and to avoid encroaching on the legitimate rights residing in other brands, please contact one of our Chartered and European trade mark attorneys.