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Covid-19 Update

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Covid-19 Update

Please be reassured that Franks & Co Limited have taken contingency measures to ensure that the firm will continue to operate without any disruption in our services in view of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Our attorneys and support staff are equipped to work remotely to handle matters reliably and with our usually precision and efficacy. All remote working will be conducted via virtual private networking to maintain client’s data security and confidentiality. Our normal operating hours will continue.

We extend our well wishes to all at these difficult times.

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Successfully managing the 400% growth of a major University's portfolio

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Our client, a UK University was using a variety of different patent agents for a relatively small number of patents generated from their enterprise program. Under a general review, the work was put out to tender. Franks & Co tendered against three regional and national patent agent firms and were awarded a contract for the ongoing management of the University's patents and designs portfolio. The University had filed several patent applications, but the rate of filing new patent applications was low. We provided systems for focusing academics and students to send in their invention submissions to a central point, and proceeded with a series of seminars and awareness raising events to promote enterprise within the University. The size of the patent portfolio has now increased by 400% from when we originally took over the contract.