The Software, Electronics and Telecommunications practice group at Franks & Co. provides specialist advice and services for intellectual property arising from developments in both digital and analogue technologies.

Microchip integrated into a motherboard
Software development programming code

Our attorneys combine their respective industrial and academic backgrounds with a wealth of expertise acquired in the increasingly complex field of software patenting, with direct experience of relevant patent drafting, filing, prosecution and enforcement in many jurisdictions, either directly in the UK and Europe, or with the assistance of foreign associates across the globe.

With our permanent focus on new developments in the ever-changing legal landscape surrounding protection for ICT-related intellectual property, our clients value our informed, up-to-date and comprehensive advice for developing their IP strategies.

The group is able to collaborate closely at all levels of a client’s business from Boardroom members to software and network engineers, as required to understand a new development and its technical context, and to translate it into protected IP asset which is commercially relevant for the client.

Experts in Software & Electrical